Flat Pack Homes


The term ‘Flat Pack Home‘ or ‘Kit Home‘ has recently become a very popular way to describe homes built using the premanufactured or prefabricated process here in the UK.

Prefabrication has come a long way from the commonly remembered ‘Prefabs’ which were built in large numbers as temporary housing solutions after the Second World War.

Today, Hanse Haus high-efficiency, prefabricated homes are built in their state-of-the-art German factory by highly skilled technicians.

Each and every element of a Hanse Haus home is constructed with the most advanced production machinery in a warm, dry environment. This process ensures that interior and exterior finishes are always of the highest possible quality and remain that way throughout the life of the house once constructed on site.

Hanse Haus homes have been regularly featured on UK Self Build Television shows.

Please keep an eye on the website or check your local listings for upcoming appearances.


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