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Safety windows made in-house



High quality warmth insulating windows are just as important for all-round heat insulation as the walls or the roof of your house. Our windows complement the Hanse Haus building shell perfectly. The mounting of elements is done in accordance with the high requirements of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (quality association of German prefabricated construction), even in our factory. 


We use windows, terrace doors, front and side doors with burglar-proof components according to DIN EN 1627, which possess resistance class RC1N. According to police statistics, in 90% of all burglary instances the incident occurs by prying open the window frames, e.g. with a long screwdriver. Breaking glass is usually noisy and is therefore avoided by burglars. Our RC1N windows are equipped with hard to pry open mushroom head locking points and therefore offer practical protection against intruders. We also equip our windows with the RC1N standard with lockable grip, so that even when a pane has been broken, opening the casement is still not possible. Resistance class RC2 is regularly recommended as part of a police advisory on burglary protection. This differs from RC1N - in simple terms - by the additional mushroom headed locking points and the use of safety glass to provide greater protection against the rare cases of glass breakage. You can ask us for resistance classes up to RC3. Higher resistance classes are classified by the police as being unnecessary in the private sector. Basic information on fire and burglary protection can also be found on the internet page of the VdS loss prevention GmbH (www.vds-home.de) or on police websites.


Hanse Haus is one of the few prefabricated house manufacturers that produces windows and terrace doors in-house. We voluntarily allow our window production and installation to be monitored by an accredited certification body. This has meant that we are even recommended by the police as a window producer (see www.polizei.bayern.de, under the areas of protection and prevention/advice/technical consultation).


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