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The life of a disabled person can be significantly simplified by clever solutions in a Hanse Haus. Accessible design not only offers disabled users comfort, but also enables older residents the ability to live in their own homes into old age.

Individual solutions for increased quality of life


Who knows right now what their life will be like in 20 or 30 years’ time? Will the children have flown the nest? Will their grandparents move in? Might you even have three generations under one roof? One thing is certain: the requirements of your home change over time.

We offer ingenious plans and fit-out options to enable you to adapt for your situation. Intelligently-planned layouts make it possible to use parts of the house later as a separate residential unit, or to switch to living and working under one roof.

Fit-out options such as modern control technology, obstruction-free living or wellness areas offer extra comfort from day one.

When planning and implementing an accessible, obstacle-free living concept, the emphasis is on creating a pleasant home atmosphere combined with daily accessibility for disabled occupants.

The accessible show home in Oberleichtersbach has been designed together with two dedicated disability consultants, themselves wheelchair users. The result of this joint planning process is attractive architecture that suits the needs of both disabled and able-bodied occupants and offers an excellent quality of life.

When planning your house we recommend:


Arrangement of all living and sleeping rooms as well as the bathroom on one level. An alternative is to install a wheelchair-friendly lift.


Circulation areas incorporating wheelchair turning spaces with a diameter of 140 cm.


A minimum width of 100 cm for doors and doorways.


External doors without thresholds.


A floor-level shower, accessible to wheelchairs, with shower seat.


Wash stands with a space beneath for wheelchair access and grab rails by sanitary fittings. 


Wheelchair-accessible access to the house from the garage or car port.


Robust floor coverings with resistance to wheels and rollers, such as laminates or tiles.


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