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Passive houses? Plus-energy houses? Like others we include them in our range. But what makes a Hanse Haus special? Our clients build with us, because when it comes to architecture and interiors, we take unique wishes seriously.
It was in this spirit back in 2004 that we collaborated with designer Luigi Colani to produce a concept for “future living”. To this day, our clients are welcome to view his concept at our headquarters.
For one client, a musician, we built a house resembling a human ear. For an Irish client we built a house for which we dismantled an original Irish pub and integrated it into the house.
Every house ever built by Hanse Haus responds to a unique client, location and cultural context.
Our slogan “My Perfect Home” reflects what we do. Let’s build your perfect home together.


We build houses, as do others. But we have been building since 1929, meaning we draw on decades of tradition and experience, appointing people from our own ranks to key positions.
Our Technical Manager has spent 21 years building homes for Hanse Haus. Our Factory Ma­na­ger completed his joinery app­ren­tice­ship with us in 1978, where­upon he spent 11 years in assembly and 5 years as a Site Supervisor. Our Site Manager has been with Hanse Haus for 20 years. Our Sales Manager trained with us in 1974, and worked in the factory for 35 years. Our Fixtures and Fittings Consultancy Ma­na­ger has been advising clients for 13 years on all aspects from floor coverings to roof tiles. Our Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Manager has been with Hanse Haus for 14 years. 10 year business relations between Hanse Haus and sales partners are not uncommon. Long-lasting re­la­ti­on­ships have enabled us to gather and build on a wealth of practical ex­pe­ri­ence; uncommon in this industry. Some staff represent the third generation of Hanse Haus employees.
To this day, the concept of permanence and stability is central to our philosophy and we are committed to training our junior employees in a variety of skills. Those embarking on a practical career become assistants to the assembly staff in their third year and on completing their apprenticeships, form the basis of the Hanse Haus team for the next 20 years or more. They tease us that our jokes are dated, but when it comes to houses, we know what we're talking about.


We offer our clients an in-house customer service to call on when the need arises. We have an emergency telephone number on which our clients can reach our customer service team at any time, including weekends. Clients can always speak to a direct contact; whether the heating fails, a door sticks or the electrical system goes on strike. We employ expert heating and plumbing engineers, elec­tri­ci­ans, construction engineers and structu­ral engineers to ensure that we can tackle any problem. Wherever possible, our custo­mer service technicians are employees with many years’ experience in our building teams. This means we can offer our clients a team of experts familiar with the work that may arise.
What’s more, the manager of the Customer Service de­part­ment, a former Site Manager, has been with Hanse Haus for 20 years.


Hanse Haus has been in operation since 1929. In 2013 we were once again awarded an excellent rating for outstanding cre­ditworthiness by prestigious German ra­ting company Hoppenstedt Kredit­in­for­ma­tionen GmbH. This puts Hanse Haus in the top 4.9 % of the more than 4.7 million companies examined who achieved the top credit rating of 1. Belonging to the Schörghuber group of companies headquartered in Munich, our parent company, Bayerische Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the leading property companies in Germany with a property portfolio worth around EUR 2.1 billion and a turnover of approx. EUR 263 million (2011). Examples of current major projects include the revitalisation of the Bikini Berlin Concept Mall and the construction of 1,400 homes on the former site of the Paulaner brewery in Munich.


Our houses are found in widespread locations; in Germany of course, in skiing areas in the Swiss or Austrian Alps, Mallorca, in the Paris suburbs, in London and on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland. They satisfy many different criteria, dealing with the effects of snow loads, storms, earthquake zones and summer heat and and must comply with a wide range of national and international standards and pass rigorous tests. We were one of the first prefabricated house manufacturers to apply for and obtain a European permit from the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik. Our clients benefit from all the advantages of an international company, the products of which have been tried and tested.
Our quality-consciousness is evident in our attention to detail. Here we highlight some aspects that you may not find elsewhere:


The external walls with its windows and doors, along with the roof, form the shell. To ensure that as little energy as possible is lost, we place emphasis on optimum insulation.
Our shell construction satisfies the re­quire­ments of a KfW Efficiency House 55 (German Energy Conservation Order EnEV at the time this brochure went to press).
Each of our houses is also offered with the option of passive house insulation, and we can give you a quote for the measures you will need to implement to achieve the Efficiency House 40 standard.


Our walls, like those of many others, are fully insulated with mineral fibre insulation. We however bond this insulation within the wall to prevent sinking or slippage, ensuring that thermal bridges do not form.


Our wall elements use a uniform construction for load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, reducing machine set-up times and warehousing costs. Our non-load-bearing walls satisfy the same high structural requirements as a load-bearing wall, and an internal wall can bear the same load as an external one. All walls are enclosed on both sides with OSB panels, enabling shelves or cupboards with loads of over 100kg to be fixed to any point on the wall of any room using simple screws. In contrast, the walls of many other manufacturers require the use of cavity wall plugs, have restricted load-bearing potential or can only accept loads if using special fixings.


We use intruder-resistant components according to DIN EN 1627 in our windows, front doors and terrace doors. Hanse Haus is one of the few prefabricated house manufacturers who produce their windows themselves and whose window production and installation are voluntarily monitored by an accredited certification authority.
In addition we are recommended by police advisory services (cf. list of sup­pli­ers at www.polizei.bayern.de in the sec­tion covering protection and pre­ven­ti­on/ advice/ technical advice).


Here at Hanse Haus we employ people with the a wide range of specialisms and qualifications including architects, electricians, heating, plumbing and ven­ti­la­tion engineers, locksmiths, struc­tu­ral engineers and building surveyors and can be certain that we can, if needed, call on any appropriate specialists at any time without delay. Using this wide range of in-depth skills, we can gua­ran­tee that our we can offer a selection of fixtures and fittings that are state of the art.
The show houses at our headquarters enable our clients to view the special characteristics of our houses for them­sel­ves. We have the afo­re­men­ti­oned Colani house, a passive house certified by the Passivhaus Institut Darmstadt, an accessible and obstacle-free bungalow designed together with two wheelchair users and the winning design from a national architecture competition.


We undergo external review to ensure the health and safety of both our clients and our employees. For example, we under-take to comply with the spe­ci­fi­ca­tions for an occupational health and safety ma­na­ge­ment system contained in the OHSAS 18001 standard. We also have the indoor air in our finished houses tested regularly by an external testing institute to ensure that our suppliers and the materials we use satisfy the residential hygiene re­quire­ments of the Deutscher Fertigbau quality control association, which are stricter than the statutory requirements.


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