Variant 35-235

One house, many possibilities

We have added many possible variant plans to our show home in Wuppertal. Why so many? Because we believe that a house should not only be stylish, but should be able to function well under a wide variety of criteria. Whether the focus is on living and working under a single roof, two families living together, a single family home with an annex, or a home with four children’s bedrooms, here we to show you the options this house can offer.

Live and work in comfort

Homes are ever more frequently being used not only for living, but also for working. The plan variant shown below includes a home workspace with separate entrance and WC, offering the ideal premises for all kinds of home businesses, such as a design studio, physiotherapy practice or beauty salon. There is a the direct connection between the working area and living space, enabling instant movement between private and professional life enabling an overview of everything to be kept at all times. One thing is guaranteed: no more rush-hour traffic at the end of a working day!

Two families under one roof

Why build alone? A two-family house brings financial benefits as, for example, there is only one set of costs for access construction and the installation and connection of utilities. Another possibility is to finance the build by letting out one of the residential units.
The layout of the Variant 35-235 can be designed to provide separate residential units, each for a three or four-person family, on the ground floor and first floor. And the best part is that as the owner and landlord, you choose your neighbours. 

Room for large families

This layout offers plenty of space for everyone. In this option, the master bedroom with ensuite including a spa bath is on the ground floor and the first floor becomes the children’s domain.

In addition to the four children’s rooms there is room for a guest bedroom.
And to minimise congestion during the morning rush-hour, the children have the use of two bathrooms. The perfect solution for families who want space.

More free space with an annexe

A separate flat in a new home offers lots of opportunities. Plan your house, e.g. as a multigenerational house where your parents or grandparents will be able to have their own space. The size and furnishing of the annexe can be individually adapted to suit the needs of the inhabitant’s age. If desired, you can also have it designed to be wheelchair accessible. Or you can rent out the annexe as a single flat or student apartment and use this money to contribute towards the financing of the house. In any case, having a separate living area creates flexibility and scope for development.

Floor plan

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Pitched roof, 35°
120 cm
130.13 m²
114.17 m²
37.28 m²
207.02 m²

244.30 m²

221.74 m²


Pitched roof, 35°
120 cm
119.48 m²
120.86 m²
102.16 m²
112.53 m²
25.65 m²

240.34 m²

218.75 m²


Pitched roof, 35°
120 cm
117.85 m²
114.86 m²

232.71 m²

213.32 m²


Pitched roof, 35°
120 cm
118.30 m²
116.47 m²
197.64 m²
37.13 m²

234.77 m²

215.29 m²


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