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The importance of energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, energy-saving technologies and how they should be integrated into homes is becoming incredibly important. At Hanse Haus, this is focussed on in the early stages of an individual home design. Before addressing how energy can be used most efficiently, Hanse Haus ensures as little valuable energy is consumed in the first place. To minimise thermal losses, thicker continuous thermal insulation is used in outer walls, roofs, windows, doors, basements and flooring to better retain heat and use less energy.

External wall construction at Hanse Haus




Hanse Haus thermo-efficiency walls combine a high-strength construction method with excellent thermal insulation. In wood frame construction, Hanse Haus focuses particularly on narrow spacing between the wooden beams on the inside walls, as well as the external walls (approximately 31cm). The wooden framework is glued together under pressure with high-quality OSB panels.
This means shelves and cabinets can be attached to any wall with over 100kg weight using normal screws without drilling or dowelling.



The clear room height (finished height) on the ground, first and top floors is approximately 2.50m. All Hanse Haus heights are measured from the upper edge of the finished floor to the bottom edge of the finished ceiling. Higher ceilings of, for example, 2.70m are available on request from the factory.

As part of the quality control, our external walls - including windows and doors - are subjected to climate chamber tests. The walls are subjected to strongly differing temperatures over a period of several weeks, with high plus and minus temperatures, as well as multiple rain simulations.
So you can be sure that the individual components will be able to handle extreme climatic requirements and are equipped to withstand the wind and rain.





  • Walls are suitable for the construction of KfW efficiency houses 55 as standard
  • U-value in the frame area is only 0.116 W/m²K (total wall is only 0.131 W/m²K)
  • Glued wall construction with OSB panels of quality class OSB/4 according to Norm EN 300
  • The use of high quality structural timber, planed and technically dried as a natural form of wood preservation
  • Seamless exterior rendering, which is only applied after the house has been assembled on-site, ensures a visually high quality exterior on the house.

Roof structure at Hanse Haus




No other factor has as decisive an influence on the low energy usage of a house as the building shell. In addition to the very good insulation properties of the walls, Hanse Haus ensures the roof structure is also perfect for excellent heat insulation. It not only keeps the house warm in the winter, but also protects it from excessive outside heat in the summer.





  • The heat insulation value of Hanse Haus pitched roofs at the “almost finished” construction phase is U = 0.16 W/m²K
  • High quality concrete tile roofing with a 30 year manufacturer’s guarantee for functionality.
  • The smooth surface of the specially finished roof tiles ensures more protection against contamination, and therefore higher resistance to weathering.

Roofs in every style



The character of a house is particularly influenced by the shape of the roof. A timeless classic is the pitched roof, which can be constructed with different slope gradients. Hipped roofs, pent roofs and flat roofs are particularly well-suited for two-storey buildings or bungalows. We have developed construction details for each type of roof, and these have already been tested a thousand times in practice.


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