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How would you feel if you didn’t have to drive from one specialist shop to another to look at all the furnishings for your home? What if you could see all the products and details in one place? Relaxing, right?
This is precisely the service we offer in our Sample Centre in the Lower Franconian Oberleichtersbach. Here you can learn about current home trends, be inspired by the various decor styles and find all the fixtures for your new home in peace. The best advantage for you: You can quickly compare and combine all the materials and fixtures with each other. You can see straight away whether your new favourite flooring matches the  wallpaper you want, or whether the colour of the roof tiles goes with the exterior rendering. You’ll be amazed to see how high the standard of fixtures is at Hanse Haus, and what great products you can get from us for no additional cost.





Your personal Hanse Haus  consultant will accompany you in choosing your furnishings. You will discuss the current status of house planning with them and decide on all the furnishing details for your house. Your consultant will know the important technical requirements for every trade and will give you valuable practical tips in selecting materials, colours or products. Our furnishing consultants are real construction professionals, who not only possess a great deal of theoretical knowledge, but also lots of practical experience as well. For specialised advice on things like electrical planning, heating and house technology, we can quickly and easily consult our respective in-house experts.





  • The furnishings centre is centrally located in the middle of Germany with excellent transport links
  • Escorted by your personal Hanse Haus furnishing consultant
  • Six model homes in various styles at the furnishing centre
  • Possibility of guided factory tours
  • More than 1800 m² of exhibition space; sample collection and fixtures are regularly modernised and changed to meet current trends
  • Large bathroom and spa exhibition present ideas for bathroom planning

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