Variant 45-192

The highest level of energy-saving

The open-plan kitchen, dining and living area on the ground floor of the “Variant 45-192” is the focal point of everyday family life. There is plenty of space to cook with friends, play with the children or have a cosy evening with a glass of wine.

Every family member has their own space on the top floor. Two large children’s rooms can easily adapt to the growing needs of the inhabitants and over time can change from a child’s room to a teenager’s room. The master bedroom includes a walk-in wardrobe which offers valuable storage space. The spacious spa bathroom with bathtub and floor-level shower is a great place to relax after a hard day.

House details

Roof inclination:

Pitched roof, 45 °


              85 cm

Ground floor:

        104.23 m²

Top floor:

          88.28 m²

Net floor space according to DIN:

        192.51 m²

Total living space according to WoFIV (living space ordinance):

        180.67 m²

Floor plan

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